“‘Junk’ is rich with stellar acting…just to make clear that this large cast forms an across-the-board smooth operation, allow me to also name Nancy Sun, in a turn as an opportunistic Wall Street journalist…” - WASHINGTON POST

“The show's large cast can very easily make or break this production. And yet, every member of Arena's cast rises to the task…particularly Nancy Sun's Judy Chen, (who also serves as the show's quasi-narrator) is quite fun to watch. Sun's portrayal of Chen's journey from skeptical bystander to active participant in the financial antics is subtle and skillfully pulls the audience along for her slide” - BROADWAY WORLD

“A briskly tenacious Nancy Sun” - DC METRO ARTS



"The festival’s most nuanced female character, played by Nancy Sun, wrestles with grief, survivor guilt, and her complicated feelings…" - AMERICAN THEATRE

"Nancy Sun drives home...these moments with emotional probity, and it is evident that she took this role to heart. " - BROADWAY WORLD

"[Marginal Loss'] actors do excellent work. You can see the emotional turmoil just below the surface...The text calls for finely shaded acting, and they deliver it." - KDHX

“ The actors all delivered solid performances.” - INSIDER LOUISVILLE


"Nancy Sun in all her awkward glory" - BROADWAY WORLD

"There are strong performances from the ensemble. In particular, Bo [Nancy Sun] offers an understated and nuanced treatment of her character. Nancy Sun ‘s performance steals the stage during her private moments of the dinner party, when she steps out for a brooding cigarette. Teeming with quiet pathos, Nancy Sun’s stage presence is breathtaking and not to be overlooked." - BOSHEMIA

"Nancy Sun gives Bo an engaging yet steely delicateness" - DC METRO THEATRE ARTS

"Nancy Sun, in a well-modulated turn" - METROWEEKLY

"Sun gives the character a wonderful energy" - MD THEATRE GUIDE



"...there is a ray of sunshine.  Nancy Sun gives an excellent performance as the half-Chinese, half-Filipino Hope.  When the play begins, she is twenty-seven and looks it.  By the end of the piece, the audience can assume that she is well past retirement and although she doesn’t change make up, her movements and delivery are those of a very old lady.   She ages before your eyes without a single prop or wig.  Nancy Sun is on her way to becoming a great actress." - STAGEBUDDY

"Perfectly cast. No Broadway star could do better." - ELJNYC